Saturday February 3 2018
A workshop situated within 90 hectares that views the Gulf of Salo we will be surrounded by olive trees on the hills. Wood beams, marble and wooden floors augments the Villa. Engrossed in greenery with animals and Mediterranean plants creates scenic walks. Despite being near nature we are a short walk from the town. Activities: Sport, Fun Parks, Castle visits, mountain walks, bicycle rides, sailing, beach, country festivals, music festivals and much more. 

CALL +39 347 967 6910
LOCATION: Villa Bissiniga, Via Renzano
Make your reservations below for 1 or both sessions.

I) Morning 09:30 am – 11:00 am
Core & Joint Preparation
II) Evening  4:30 pm –6:00 pm
Leg & Arm Sequences
Core & Joint Preparation
Core practice and Joint Preparation to detoxify with back and abs while stabilizing core muscles along the spine. Joint preparations set the foundation for upcoming limb based sequences. Set the day for a detoxifying weekend. We will be focusing on practices with breathe such as table pose tilt and reclining pelvic tilt. Strengththen core muscles with leg lifting, boat postures, prone boat to east facing and wheel pose.
Leg & Arm Sequences
A leg series targeting hips, glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves. Postures range from lightning, warriors 1–3, tree, half moon with a balance sequence. Arm sequences targeting chest and shoulders range from planks to side planks, single leg, crow and the variations. Arm sequences are approached progressively from isometric to isotonic movements with synchronized breath.

MEDITATION with Cinzia Maino
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Stargate Mediation taught by Cinzia Maino is an inter-dimensional doorway, entrusted to and created by Praaget in 1989. It contains layers of sacred geometry, creating a multi-dimensional benevolent energy field. Included is healing and balance for the physical body; clarity and insight into the mental body. Deep relaxation and stress removal from feeling emotional, psychic  healing is activated and past life recollection may be triggered. Changes arrive during guided meditations by the raising of the individual's vibrational frequency. Many years of experience, hundreds of workshops and thousands of participants demonstrated that change happens simply and easily with intention rather than effort. Physical healing does not have to take time, it can happen in moments. Old lifestyles can be replaced with ones of joy and higher purpose. Limiting relationships can be be reinvigorated or drop away with ease, in honor and respect for the others contribution to your learning. The Stargate is designed to support people in accelerating beyond the slow pace of 3rd dimensional movement, to quickly rise into a higher octave of their own being.

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