Workshops are available in your area. Please request directly at our Contact Page.

Reserving Online:
A. 50% deposit of total to confirm reservation times.
B. 100% payment is to be completed 2 months prior to first scheduled workshop.

Cancellation Penalties:
Any cancellation is a loss of deposit       50% loss of total cost
1 month before 1st scheduled workshop     100% loss of total cost
Reservations confirmed more than 60 days in advance places 30% of total as non-refundable.

Schedules - Prepaid workshops will become void after the agreed upon schedule concludes. Organizers are to complete their workshops at the designated venue and or locations. Changing reserved schedules is only possible if the teacher is available on the newly requested times.
An organizer agreeing to these terms and prices on behalf of a group are conditional to having the authorization from the entire group and are required to forward these terms to such a group. All costs of travel, transfer accommodations and half-board are to be paid by organizer. Rooms are required to be a minimum 4 star standard hotel double room with a desk and wifi available.

# Days   
1 = €500        
2 = €850     
3 = €1200           
4 = €1500          
5 = €1700          
6 = €1850          
7 = €2000    

€150 per day from 8th day onward.

Prices include a morning and evening class per day. Each workshop is 90 – 120 Minutes. Times are allowed to be made shorter or have sessions cancelled. Reducing session times or cancelling sessions does not reduce charges.

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