Vague Generalities

  • by Perumal Koshy
  • 05 Oct, 2017
Vague Generalities are statements with multiple interpretations. They are used by politicians, advertisers, psychic readers and those of spiritual orders to grow and or manipulate the audience. Such statements are used for creating a following especially in spiritual circles.

In politics the slogan “Make America Great Again” by Donald Trump is a vague generality since it has multiple interpretations by the audience. The advertising slogan, "Coke is it” again here the word “It” itself will be interpreted by the audience in different ways. “love is bliss” or “love is spiritual fire” are again under vague generalities. Everyone interprets spiritual fire or bliss differently. A psychic may correspond about present and future ideas in vague generalities enabling people to easily connect aspects of their life.

An average person identifies with statements blurted by the guru or politician when they are vague. Often people thinking and following in such ways are easily swayed. Leaders repeatedly speaking from such statements are aware of the manipulation they are implementing. Or they are blindly repeating such statements without knowing the implications of them since they are influenced by the statements itself. Vague generalities are like the tune of the Pied Piper leading the lost.
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