Double Hip Rotate (each way)

Double Hip Rotations are one of the best overall exercises for the hip joints. Loose hips are a major factor with enhancing athletic performance. 

1. Start in the Tadasana posture. Then open your feet a little wider then your shoulders. Keep your knees extended and feet pointed straight in front. 

2. Place the hands on the hips. Keep your shoulders relaxed and back straight. 

3. Then start to rotate the hips circularly in one direction. As you rotate the hips forward the torso will lean back. As you rotate the hips backward the torso will lean forward. The torso will always lean in the opposite direction of the hips.

4. Breathe in when your hips move forward and breathe out when the hips move backward. 

5. Continue at your own pace. Consider 10 or more repetitions in one direction. Then switch the direction.

Janu Sirsasana

Janu means knee and sirsa means head. This posture is a great preparation to paschimottanasana. 
1. Start by sitting with both legs straight in front of you. Then pull your right foot onto the inside of the left knee or place the right heel onto the perineum. The classical method is to place the right heel onto the perineum. Simultaneously the left foot should be pointing vertically while pushing the back of the left hamstring onto the floor. 

2. Place your left hand onto the left quad, knee or shin. While simultaneously place the right hand onto the floor space inside of the left leg. 

3. Then breathe in arch and look up. Point your chin up as you look up while rotating the lower chest towards the ceiling. At the same time the hands should remain fixed on the original point that they were placed on. 

4. When you perform step 3 the spine will bend backwards. At the same time the buttocks should rotate away from the left leg. 

5. Then breathe out and relax forward. After relaxing forward walk your hands forward. 

6. Fix the hands on their new location and then continue to repeat step 3 through 5. Once you arrive at the maximum point forward hold the hand positions or wrap your hands around the left foot. 

7. If you do not arrive completely forward then just hold where you feel comfortable. When you are finished breathe in while lifting your chin and chest first which will sit you up with a straight back. Then switch sides.

Double Knees Left

Double knees left is a fantastic but yet simple exercise for targeting the hips. In the morning, before leaving the bed, this stretch is wonderful to execute under the blankets. 

1. Start by lying on your back with your knees on your chest. Then drop both knees to your left. The right knee should be exactly on top of the left knee. Your quads and torso should form a right angle

2. Post your left hand on top of your right knee. Place the right arm onto the floor and perpendicular to the body. Then turn your head right. 

3. Inhale slow deep breaths to open into the stretch. As you breathe out relax into the stretch. When relaxing into the stretch the right shoulder will be lowering further onto the floor. Use the breath to open the body. 

4. Hold the stretch with as little thoughts in the mind as possible. When you are ready to come out of it breathe in as you turn to come out of it. Then breathe out as you bring your knees onto your chest. Then switch sides.
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