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There are no yoga "Styles". There are only the various expressions of yoga. Popular methods such as Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Iyengar are not different entities. They convey yoga in a manner that is expressive of the mental and physical attributes of the founders. 

Internalizing multiple expressions of yoga sheds light on the connection points between them. Identifying such connection points collapses the boundaries housing the myriad of yoga expressions along with systems outside of yoga. Through internalization the assorted yoga methods and systems become one.

Yoga with Perumal is made up of 6 parts. The 6 parts act as an underlying fixed foundation. The 6 parts of Yoga with Perumal are pranayama, preparatory, salutation, strength, stretching and meditation. Each part following in the order listed acts as a synergist to the other. 
A yoga retreat in an oasis away from the noisy and busting cities, is timeless without detracting from modern comforts. You will feel a kinship with Morocco's countryside with its peace and slow moving lifestyle away from the speeding cities but yet without omitting the comforts of home. 
"Teach what is appropriate for an individual."- Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya the father of modern yoga. Individual one on one yoga lessons are tailored to your needs. Pranayama, Preparation, Sun Salutation, Strengthening, Stretching and Meditation are incorporated in the lessons.

About Perumal Koshy

Perumal Koshy, born in New Delhi of South Indian parents from the state of Kerala, began teaching under a Kung-Fu master while living in Los Angeles. A ten year martial arts life through his teens and early twenties was followed by yoga. This began a yoga journey returning to his ancestral roots of Kerala, India and then England, Italy and Morocco. These experiences lead Perumal to develop a method that is nothing short of being a practical and easily comprehensible form of Yoga. A method implemented successfully with varying practitioners of hard and soft forms.
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Yoga Programs


Retreats are with twice a day yoga classes, meals and accommodations included. Palmeraie Luxury and Marrakech Oasis retreats are ideal from Fall through Spring. Our summer Mountain Retreat is perfect with moderate temperatures.


Our signature program of half day to full day yoga. We offer more then just a yoga lesson here. This is an experience into Marrakech from Palmeraie Gardens to a Desert Day with rolling hills. Group leaders and agents will prize this as an amazing supplement to a Marrakech program.

Yoga For

Are you a mountain biker, crossfit trainer or golfer? Yoga is the foundation of movements. "Yoga For" are specific to symmetrical imbalances created from your sport along with preparation for and recovery from such activities.

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