Marrakech Oasis, a yoga retreat away from the noisy and busting cities, is timeless without detracting from modern comforts. This peaceful oasis in the outskirts of Marrakech is surrounded by traditional villages causing you to feel transported into another age. Here we have the perfect setting to take Yoga courses with Perumal in one of our quaintest yoga holidays detoxing with Hammam while enjoying Moroccan and Italian cuisine. Our hosts have over 50 years of combined experience in Marrakech.
You will feel a kinship with Morocco's countryside with its peace and slow moving lifestyle away from the speeding cities but yet without omitting the comforts of home. We have an ideal place for any desert enthusiast to take a Yoga holiday with Perumal. All classes begin before breakfast and dinner.
Our refuge in the desert is eco friendly. The living accommodations are made of pise an age-old building method. Pise, according to ancient building technique, is a blend of pressed and dried mud, straw and water. With the use of low-impact building materials, constructed in a traditional fashion, we are able to blend into the Moroccan landscape.
Between your morning and evening yoga lessons our handlers will assist you with various excursions. Beside hammam & massages we provide opportunities to trace an off road itinerary along villages and its welcoming inhabitants. There is an unforgettable hot air balloon flight over the landscape with the majestic Atlas mountain peaks on one side and the rolling hills on the other. 

Complimentary Extra Classes
When there are large groups a complimentary Agafay Desert Yoga class is planned at the discretion of Yoga with Perumal. Otherwise the Agafay Desert Yoga class is available as a supplement.
Passports and Visas:
In order to enter Morocco, you must own a valid passport with at least six months remaining. All British citizens, no matter how young, must have their own passport. A Visa is a stamp in your passport, or a separate piece of paper, officially stamped, indicating how long you are permitted to stay in the country for a permitted length of time. Most visitors to Morocco do not need them and are allowed to remain for up to 90 days on entry. The exceptions are nationals of Israel, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Morocco is a safe country and vaccinations are not legally required for entry. Most visitors, especially those intending to make a short stay, are not required to obtain specific immunization. 

Along the Mediterranean, Morocco has a subtropical climate, tempered by oceanic influences that give the coastal cities moderate temperatures. Toward the interior, winters are colder and summers warmer. At high altitudes temperatures of less than -17.8* C (0* F) are not uncommon and mountain peaks are covered with snow during most of the year. Marrakech is beautiful all year round but temperatures in the Summer months, and particularly August, can be very high. Perhaps the most magical time to visit is in the late Spring. If you are visiting Morocco in the winter, do carry warm clothes as although the climate in Marrakesh is normally very mild it can also get very cold and Moroccan architecture is better suited to protect from the heat than the cold.
Half Board (Breakfast & Dinner)
Double Occupancy
Single Occupancy

Christmas and New Years Rates (26th December - 6th January)
Double Occupancy Christmas & New Year
Single Occupancy Christmas & New Year

Transfers & Pickups
Our driver will collect you at the airport. Please inform us of your full flight details such as arrival/ departure times and flight numbers, no later then one day in advance of arrival.

Not included in all packages:
Flights (Destination Marrakech RAK)
Travel Insurance

Further Information Contact:
Yoga with Perumal
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U.S. +1 (323) 568-1259
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