June 2017 Fiona Ward (Ireland)
My time at the Mountain Retreat and with Perumal Koshy was pure tranquility. From the moment I arrived, the staff were so accommodating and always on hand if I needed anything. Perumal greeted me with a very warm welcome and told me about the few days of yoga to come. I had started my practice of yoga about two years ago and only really doing Ashtanga I was a bit on edge to try a different style., but I can say after my few days with Perumal his approach to yoga and his method have made me a stronger person. The difference in my practice at the end of the week was amazing. I would highly recommend both the yoga and the accommodation for anyone looking to escape life for a few days, pure tranquility.
June 2017 Janet Quinn
The Mountain Retreat is a superb location for a yoga retreat. Scenic and relaxing views over the Atlas Mountains. Perumal is a very knowledgeable teacher and tailors his teaching to specific needs. I found the yoga to be very restorative and provided much needed relaxation.
April 2017 Anne Koningsberger
Jnana Allia is a retreat to dream of. It's the place to relax. And practice yoga. Perumal, the teacher, is incredibly good. Yoga in the garden during a most beautiful sunset! The people of the staff were so kind. The food lovely prepared and the massages heavenly. Jnane Allia is a retreat I recommend to every soul in search of a warm and welcome change in their busy life.
March 2017 Signe Skaarup Andreassen
The yoga retreat with Perumal was an amazing experience. Perumal is a very professional teacher and the yoga classes are both strengthening and relaxing, I improved my yoga quite a lot, in the 6 days, I was there.  We sometimes did our afternoon yoga on the rooftop, while the sun was setting over the Atlas Mountains. Absolutely beautiful. I give Yoga with Perumal my best recommendations, and I can't wait to go again. Marrakech Oasis Retreat is a beautiful tranquil place and therefore it gives you the possibility to relax in beautiful surroundings, and with only 20 minutes of transport to beautiful, colorful and hectic Marrakech, it is the perfect place to stay. Staff was very helpful.
March 2017 Adrienne Leech 
I booked a week yoga retreat at Marrakech Oasis Retreat at the end of March. The plan was to escape the tale end of winter in the UK and return home fitter and stronger. I have to say that all I hoped for was delivered, with the temperature hovering around 25 to 30 degrees and the exceptional yoga provided by Perumal. Although I'm a yoga novice, I felt I had improved during the week, found some of that strength I was looking for and gained an enthusiasm to keep the yoga going on my return. Marrakech Oasis Retreat itself is peaceful and relaxing, set in lovely gardens with 8 stylish Moroccan villas set around a beautiful pool. The evening yoga session in the garden was a highlight, with the sun slipping down behind the palm trees and faint call to prayer from the mosque in a nearby village....I hope to return. As I say, hope to see you next year.
 February 2017 VC. U
Yoga-Tastic, I have just returned from a wonderful 3 night stay at Marrakech Oasis Retreat. The primary purpose to stay here was for Yoga with Perumal: 2 daily sessions of yoga each day while staying in a more rural retreat just outside Marrakech centre. The accommodation was comfortable: large clean rooms opening onto a patio with pool beyond. The food was fresh Moroccan dishes (brunch + dinner) that were plentiful + fabulous quality. All staff were excellent- friendly, obliging + intent on ensuring a pleasant + relaxing stay. That's exactly what I got! 
December 2016 Alison Mc Puri
"The yoga teaching by Perumal was exceptional. He very quickly became aware of the ability of the group and tailored the classes so that we all got the maximum out of each session. Marrakech Oasis Retreat is a great setting for a yoga retreat very peaceful and beautifully designed. Unfortunately the hotel part was a little like Fawlty Towers or the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel with fairly amateurish service which did not really align with the concept of a retreat Basically it was great yoga in a fantastic location with poor service and no real attempt to provide healthy food. The food was delicious but as a retreat.my expectation would be some effort to provide very healthy food. To summarise we enjoyed it because the yoga was so good, likewise the location but for the price I also feel that we shold have also received exceptional service."
November 2016 Rachel Willis
“Beautiful, Beautiful & Peaceful Retreat. I recently spent a wonderfully peaceful week at Marrakech Oasis Retreat . Marrakech Oasis Retreat was the only place that I came across during hours of searching on line that ticked ALL of my many boxes - quiet surroundings, not many people, Yoga, sunshine, good swimming pool, great food, option to have a small drink, easy airport transfers, a touch of WiF and feeling safe. Obviously I read the reviews - and the booking communication was very efficient - so I felt pretty hopeful that it would deliver in reality .....and it did! Marrakech Oasis Retreat's grounds are beautiful - incredibly lush and lovingly tended. There are only 8 villas at the retreat so it was perfect for someone like me who doesn't like to be around too many people. The pool was a good size - bigger and deeper than the disappointing pools you get at many hotels. I was happy that Marrakech Oasis Retreat's pool was big enough to do a decent length in. Sitting by the pool reading in the large and comfortable loungers was lovely and relaxing but if you need to do 'something' with your day then Marrakech Oasis Retreat's yoga sessions (which are an optional add on) are scheduled perfectly at 9am and 4.30pm daily and break up the day very well, making you feel that you have 'earned' your hours by the pool! I also liked that the morning yoga wasn't at a crazy early hour and allowed for a reasonable lie in. Yoga teacher Perumal is great and clearly incredibly passionate about the practice. The sessions covered both relaxation and strength work - and I really like that the sessions were challenging (although still suitable for beginners) and that you really felt like you had worked. Food was great - very tasty, very varied and lots of it - you could also have a drink if you wanted. The masseuses were great, the transfers went like clock work...I could go on....but suffice to say that I couldn't fault it. ...and to top it off the staff - Yasin, Sammi and the many others - were amazing, so very helpful, polite and efficient. Finally, I should say that I travelled on my own and felt very safe here. Stayed October 2016, travelled solo “.
December 2015 David and Jennifer Williams
"My wife and I had an absolutely incredible experience on our recent week long retreat. We have been to multiple yoga retreats and yours is the most memorable, refined and educational one we have been to yet! We came into the retreat with 3 months of yoga experience and left feeling that we not only advanced our health, but also our flexibility, diets, spirits, and built the confidence to be able to even practice on our own. The resort was beautiful and we loved the garden property, swimming pools, tennis court, staff, and incredibly healthy meals prepared to perfection. Perumal helped build our discipline and understanding of yoga traditions and practices that we can carry into our day to day lives. Every time we practice now, we draw from the guidance of Perumal and his practices. We loved his life stories and the underlying messages to us, in addition to his hospitality and professionalism at all times. We plan to be back soon and sincerely thank you for everything! Namaste!!!" 
November 2015 Alexis Verpaele and Helga Van de Velde
"We spent only 4 days at Marrakech Oasis Retreat but the combination of the charming accommodation, Sarah's warm hospitality, and Perumal's yoga teachings were a truly healing experience. Yoga with Perumal is a very individualized experience, focused on gradual progression with avoidance of any trauma or straining. Perumal has a wholistic approach to yoga involving breathing techniques, stretching/relaxation, and strength development. We felt like completely renewed when we reluctantly headed home. Thank you!!!" 
September 2014 by Camilla Fossen
"I was lucky enough to be introduced to Perumal in Marrakech during a one-week stay at Palmeraie Luxury Retreat.  I had a one hour session with him every day for a week, and it really got me back into yoga.  I have done yoga for years, but due to small children and too much work I hand´t practiced for a few years.  The trip to Marrakech was supposed to be the start of a new life; with more yoga, less stress, and more love and greatfullness.  High goals! But it worked! Perumal´s soft being and spiritual presence was just what I needed.  During that one week we built up a good basic program for me to continue working on when I got back home, so it is really something that you easily can add into your everyday life very easily.  I am extremely thankful to Perumal for the gift he gave me." 
July 2014 by Rachelle Vingerhoeds
"The yoga retreat with Perumal inspired me to really start practicing yoga in my daily life. I practiced some yoga before, but was never inspired to also wanting to learn more about yoga, nor to improve. Some people just know how to trigger you with their personality and the way they teach. Perumal is one of them. I was lucky to have had one to one attention in a beautiful environment, which also contributes to be inspired. Before and during the retreat I subconsciously knew I had to fit in yoga in my daily life, but it was after I had left I realized I was missing my daily practice with Perumal. While at home I am still practicing with the online course!  This is how I feel. When I was a teenager I used to play tennis on sub national level. I have had several trainers, and I still remember clearly the one who got me back on my feet after some years of not having any fun at all. It was his personality and his way. I am sensitive to that. I compared the retreat and Perumal with that time. I needed the retreat. I hadn’t have a proper holiday for some time and also had a rough time in my personal (lost 3 people I loved dearly within 3 years, the last one was my mother almost 2 years ago) as well as in my professional life (many changes because of one of the 2 other losses). When I booked the retreat life was starting to get better, but I was exhausted. Still I enjoyed the yoga practice, was even looking forward to it (I know myself as lazy) and I managed to speak English at one moment and French the other. I was not used to that and I just loved it all. I believe that everything has its right time (even the losses). For me the retreat with Perumal was right timing and it gave me a boost. After 2 years of pause I found the play button again and I am grateful for that. " 
July 2014 by Karin Roemdonck
"For the second time I had the privilege to follow a yoga retreat with Perumal at Marrakech Oasis Retreat. And again it was a wonderful experience! The combination of the constructive lessons with Perumal and the peaceful rest in a beautiful environment are an ideal way to escape some time from the daily grind and to charge the batteries. Perumal’s yoga style fits me because it brings my body to a higher level without forcing anything. You notice your body is changing and evolving with the day and at the end of the week you feel so much better. It is really a boost for “body, mind & soul” ! That’s why I’ll come back. I consider this retreat as a “precious gift to myself!"
February 2014 Annemiek and Pieter
After spending a relaxed and sunny day in the medina of Marrakech we flew back to The Netherlands and came home last night. Both Annemiek and I have enjoyed your lessons tremendously. You are an all-round teacher and you have passed on an impressive amount of knowledge and insights. We are pleased with your guidance on dealing with our physical constraints, especially Annemiek’s back is not a hurdle anymore. Thanks again for making our holiday unforgettable!" 
November 2012 Heleen Piverelli
Lovely country, lovely place, lovely trip. An absolute must! Also very nice to go with a partner or with children. When you practice yoga, they can do a camel ride, or shopping, or hang out at the swimming pool.”
November 2012 Yoshiko
“Thank YOU so much! I came back to Tokyo....Again, thank you very much. You made us to have an amazing experience in the desert. It was long winding road to get there. But it worth! I will never forget what I feel/hear/see/taste with you there. Always nature is very strong and gentle. We human being is very small and weak. But at the same time we are very strong and wonderful. Do you know what I mean ?? I believe you understand my feeling...I am really looking forward to seeing you and Perumal in Japan sometime soon!!!” 
November 2012 Sandra Napolitano
“I am feeling good now, as if the desert had covered my body but cleaned my soul, now it is all light and open. It is a true desert experience and leaves a lot more than it appears, especially it leaves something that works in time and sends more and more strong energies. Know that is was very nice and I hope we can organize another retreat somewhere. Sending you a big kiss."
September 2012 Rebecca Dunlop and Vicky
“Our yoga classes were fantastic and inspirational - we had a super time. Thank you, from Rebecca and Vicky.“ 
February 2012 Rikke and Ole
“It was a pleasure meeting Ines and Perumal, and we will be looking forward to meet again - and to enjoy more yoga with Perumal. We are looking forward to receive more information about the yoga travel opportunities from you. “
October 2011 Gabriella Tirelli
I have been in Marrakech for the yoga retreat with a group of friends. We all were enthusiastic. Also the lodging was spectacular. “ 
January 2011 Maristella
"After two days since my return I am longing for you and Morocco. I'm delighted to have met you and thank you for the time and attention that you have dedicated. Yoga with Perumal was a wonderful discovery. Hope to see you soon. “




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