For over 20 years Ines Stephan has been producing TV commercials and documentaries. Through strategic alliances she contributes to co-productions while enhancing the opportunity to work with internationally renowned directors. Professionalism and humbleness coupled with a strong work ethic enabled A-class productions. She possesses educational and cultural experience within Germany, US, Italy and North Africa.

Ms. Ines Stephan's comment on Yoga with Perumal:
“I have had a passion for yoga since my teenage years. My discovery into the depths of yoga began with a doctor suggesting plow and shoulder stands to heal a kidney issue. After daily practice the issue resolved itself. The experienced seeded a passion for yoga which flourished through yoga books on my vacations and production assignments. Throughout my film production career I was longing to create an endeavor with yoga. Yoga was such a help during my youth and adult years. Our yoga retreats in Morocco reflect the years of time honing great locations and people for my work which lead to our Moroccan yoga retreat collaborations.
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