It’s grand yet low-key, uber-stylish yet down-to-earth and tranquil without ever being boring”. Lonely Planet. 
Enjoy YOGA HOLIDAYS in MOROCCO at a Palmeraie Luxury Retreat surrounded by palms. Owners are pioneers in Moroccan tourism since 1990. At the forefront of luxury travel our morocco yoga retreat host is considered the “Martha Stewart of Morocco”. Senegalese born and educated as a French lawyer it is her eye on interiors that has received much acclaim. The same eye that has been sought after by Four Season Resort for their Villa 11 interiors and a porcelain line of Meissner.
Her husband, an American born ethno botanist professor, landscaped the gardens of our acclaimed Palmeraie Luxury Morocco Yoga Retreat. Together they pursue multiple global initiatives in art, charity and global diversity projects.

Oasis, a Morocco Yoga Retreat away from the noisy and busting cities, is timeless without detracting from modern comforts. This peaceful oasis in the outskirts of town is surrounded by traditional villages projecting your senses to be transported into another age.
Here we have the perfect setting to experience a Morocco Yoga Retreat in one of our quaintest yoga holidays detoxing with Hammam while enjoying Moroccan and Italian cuisine. Our hosts have over 50 years of combined experience in Morocco. 

26th December 2017 – 2nd of January 2018
Choosing assisted pedal bikes to travel and discover the unique corners of Morocco. In 2012 a team of engineers fine-tuned the first Fat E-Bike with voluntary pedal assistance. Inspired to travel desert sands a new medium was born that is harmonious with nature.

A unique exciting and sustainable wellness adventure accessible to all due to controllable assisted pedals. Harden cyclists and beginners may find a common ground to ride together. We embark on a journey breathing the air of the mountains, valleys, oasis and Sahara desert. A mix of extraordinary panoramas and scenery with history to discover along the journey.

Dreams are only the plans of the reasonable.
Our mountain retreat is an extraordinary venture, the product of an imaginative Berber and European partnership. Stunning scenery combined with warm hospitality of the Berbers who run it creates a special environment for yoga practitioners.

“With the best rooftop views in North Africa…this is the country’s first and foremost mountain retreat.”
Condé Nast Traveller
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