Half or full day yoga with lunch and pool in a palmeraie garden to a desert day surrounded by smooth rolling hills with an Atlas Mountain backdrop. Our Express Retreat signature services are fantastic for experiencing the variety of the red city. A a perfect add-on to any Marrakech itinerary with individuals and large groups. 
Agafay Desert Yoga is complete experience perfect for immersing yourself into the landscapes offered outside the fast pace and traffic of Marrakech center. A 45 minute trip to an experience of a lifetime.

When we finish tea and snacks are available under a tent. Organize suppliers with us for discounted Agafay biking and quad motors.

Budget Morocco Yoga Retreat in a Marrakech Oasis. Away from the noisy and busting cities without detracting from modern comforts. An oasis made of Beldi construction blending with the landscapes of the  Marrakech outskirts surrounded by villages transports you into another age.

A meditative place with yoga followed by lunch and pool access till sunset. Amazing views of the Atlas Mountains. Make use of the Hammam and enjoy traditional Moroccan or Italian cuisine. 

Indulge in a Palmeraie Garden  10 minutes from Marrakech center. Here you will practice yoga followed by lunch and pool access till sunset. This is within in the Palmeraie surrounded by green palms and lush gardens. Experience the heart of the Palmeraie within organic pesticide free gardens. Lunch will be served with produce grown from the gardens of the estate. This is an experience not only in the Palmeraie but also within a garden location founded long before the boom of Marrakech tourism began.

An authentic Budget Morocco Berber mountain yoga experience. In the mountains outside  Marrakech where the temperature is 10 degrees less then Marrakech center. Fresh mountain air will invigorate you with the sounds of the local waterfalls birds. 

This is meditative place run by the local mountain Berbers. Have yoga followed by lunch and pool access till sunset. Amazing views of the Valley with the echoing sounds of the call to prayer from the multiple mosques creates a magical and mystical experience. 
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