5th Chakra

5th Chakra Creativity and Expression Vishuddhi

Color: Blue Turquoise
Element: Ether
Number of Petals: 16
Location: Back of the neck
Action organ: Vocal apparatus
Sense organ: Ears

Central Function:
The energy of Vishuddhi Chakra functions as the main generator of creativity, artistic expression, communication and speech. Vishuddhi Chakra develops the appropriate energy to collect, enhance, synchronize and perfect resonance. Thereby creating a harmonic drive of infinite and subtle vibrations of which we are composed. On a physical level Vishuddhi governs the regulation of the metabolism of calcium in the bones and the brain development.
Connected To:
This throat chakra is the point of connection between thoughts and feelings, impulse and reaction and the point of transition from the non-manifested to the manifested and vice versa. This is the realm of new ideas that arise through discussion. Vishuddhi Chakra is connected to the pharyngeal plexus, thyroid and parathyroid glands. It is believed to enhance the quality of the first four chakras. There are close links between Svadhisthana and Vishuddhi Chakra where disorders of one result in problems with the other.
Signs of Imbalances:
1.    Hormonal problems
2.    Osteoporosis
3.    Throat/ thyroid problems
4.    Difficulty Listening
5.    Neck, chin, throat contractions
6.    Cannot keep head upright
7.    Cannot stay still
8.    Insomnia
9.    Headaches
10.    Inflammation
11.    Swelling
12.    Fever
13.    Imposing personality
14.    Neck chin throat contraction
15.    Rigid facial expressions
How to Balance:
1.    Speak to plants and animals
2.    Tune into subtle communications (body language, voice inflections, vibrations)
3.    Learn to listen
4.    Good diet
5.    Avoid bad language.
6.    Honesty
7.    Observer Symbols
8.    Connect to expressive emotions i.e.: crying, laughing, smiling
With the Vishuddhi chakra balanced one feels the intensity of words, symbols and vibrations. It brings confidence, independence and greater communications skills through a clear and calm voice. Ability to make oneself understood, ask the right questions, to be silent, listen and teach. The communication is used in a creative sense and one has a good self-consciousness and knows to use words and gestures to comfort, reassure or help others. Furthermore one will possess an artistic sense from being a lover of music to hold excellent orations. One will have a great desire for knowledge with a balanced metabolism.
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