3rd Chakra

3rd Chakra “Power and Motivation” Manipura

Color: Yellow
Element: Fire
Number of Petals: 10
Location: Between 5th, 6th, 7th thoracic vertebra
Action organ: Anus
Sense organ: Eyes

Central Function:
Manipura is translated as 'Shining City' or 'Radiant City Center'. This chakra is a flame that is kept alive through the challenges of our lives. This fiery power burns with purpose and strengthens our will in order to remain continually motivated. Like fire this energy has to be controlled / directed otherwise risk being burnt. Manipura chakra oversees the digestion and energy production of the body. It is the center of psychic intuition enabling a vague sense of knowing referred to sometimes as listening to the gut.
Connected To:
This chakra is connected to the digestive system which is linked to the gastric fire designating the digestive processes and energy production by the body. Its focal point is the pancreas, which produces the digestive enzymes. Manipura chakra is connected to the solar plexus and the diaphragm a dome-shaped muscle tendon which divides the chest from the abdomen.
Signs of Imbalances:
1.    Liver, bile, pancreas issues
2.    Digestive/ metabolic issues
3.    Constipation
4.    Stomach pains
5.    Lack of energy
6.    Mental blocks
7.    Nervousness/ impatience
8.    Aggressiveness
9.    Near/ far sightedness
10.    Inferiority complex
11.    Megalomania
12.    Exaggerated Perfectionism
How to Balance:
1.    Fasting
2.    Reduce salts/ sweets
3.    Reduce Coffee/ stimulants
4.    Soften ego
5.    Relax the exhalation
6.    Increase awareness
7.    Yoga for the Eyes
8.    Uddiyana bandha
9.    Nauli
A person with a balanced Manipura Chakra possesses accountability, reliability, honesty, prudence, luminosity, self-sacrifice, and respect for traditions, industriousness, technical ability, heightened energy and a fighting spirit.
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