1st Chakra

1st Chakra 'Equilibrium' Mooladhara (Base/Root)

Color: Red
Element: Earth
Number of Petals: 4
Location: Coccyx (Base of Spine)
The action organ: Feet
The sense organ: Smell
Central Function:
The instinct for survival is the central function of the Mooladhara Chakra such as surviving adverse conditions, hardness, fatigue and all of life’s difficulties.  These are all correlated with endurance, adaptability, instinct, strength and potential. The energy of Mooladhara chakra is the main generator of the human physical body and its energy system. Mooladhara is the seat of dormant energy referred to as Kundalini and it is symbolized as a serpent. Kundalini is an energy that is simultaneously an evolutionary consciousness which we seek to awaken with Yoga and Meditation. From the Mooladhara chakra Kundalini rises through the spine while piercing all the chakras to reach the top of the head at the Crown chakra.
Connected To:
It is connected with all the solid things that exist on earth, first the body and its well-being, material existence, shelter, and the satisfaction of basic needs. It stimulates functions such as feeding, defence and shelter. Its organs of action are the feet which are physically related in relationship with the earth. This chakra is further connected to the digestive juices, meat, bones, nerves and blood. Mooladhara Chakra oversees the functions of almost everything that falls from the body and exits such as excretion, ejaculation and childbirth.
Signs of Imbalances:
1.    Jealousy
2.    Hatred
3.    Anger
4.    Greed
5.    Fear
6.    Poor circulation
7.    Colon and leg problems
8.    Depression / lethargy
9.    Resistance to change
How to Balance Mooladhara Chakra:
1.    Dieting/ fasting
2.    Knowing ones limits
3.    Proximity with nature
4.    Economic independence
5.    Organized lifestyle
6.    Sleep in warm/ quiet places
7.    Walking barefoot/ massage feet
8.    Practicing stillness
9.    Working with clay and manual labor
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