Desert Day
Berber Mountain Express Retreat is an experience with the original inhabitants of Morocco. This is a half to full day experience surrounded by stunning mountain and valley views from a Kasbah. A Kasbah run by locals from the village. All situated adjacent the highest peaks of North Africa. One hour from Marrakech airport is an memorable experience with yoga, lunch, waterfall, trekking and mountain biking. Wander the neighboring villages for a first hand insight into Berber mountain village living

Includes 1 Hour Yoga + Lunch + Waterfall
1 Person €105 ● 2 Persons €135 ● 3 Persons €165 ● 4 Persons €215 ● 5 Persons €265
● 6 Persons €295 ● 7 Persons €335 ● 8 Persons €365 ● 9 Persons €405 ● 10 Persons €435

Minimum 10 persons reservation required with 11th person onward charged at €40 per person.
During  specific dates a less then 10 person minimum is possible please inquire about this.

Flight Plan


Express sequences set altitude and velocity based on ability. Drop excess baggage by avoiding solid foods within 4 hours before liftoff. Buckle-up to set the flight plan with core postures and joint preparations. Then fire-up and take-off with leg postures. Hang on while we pull high-g with arm balances.


Stay fueled with fresh juices and water before take-off.  After an invigorating yoga class we will cruise on high altitude with onboard meals. Meal plans are prepared from organic pesticide free gardens. While cruising consider the extras from cooking classes to poolside juice cocktails.


Then recline your seat and layback. Feel free to snooze or walk the isles. Flight attendants are on standby to offer assistance. We foresee smooth skies with no turbulence. Our expected time of arrival will be sunset. Juice cocktails are available extras during your trip.
The flight plan combines with vinyasa depending on group needs. Travel first class with extras from massages, mountain biking to camel riding and more. Inform us at reservation for upgrades.
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